[Review] Brastemp Gas Built-in Oven 78 Liters Stainless Steel with Convection and Meat Control Thermometer – BOH84AR 220V (BOH84ARRNA)

The Brastemp Gas Built-in Oven 78 Liters Stainless Steel with Convection and Meat Control Thermometer – BOH84AR 220V (BOH84ARRNA) was installed in my kitchen together with a Cooktop 4 Brastemp mouths with double tray and touch timer – BDT62AE – BIVOLT, which I will speak in a next article.


Built-in Oven and Cooktop replaced a conventional stove in order to facilitate cleaning. The glass top of the cooktops they are much easier to clean than the stainless steel tops of most stoves. Furthermore, on non-built-in stoves, as was the case with my, it is necessary to drag and clean walls and cabinets around. With the stone extension that was made for my sink, now I just have to clean the stone and the walls around it: granite and porcelain tiles are also easy to clean. Now just take a few sneezes of Mr Muscle Kitchen, a rag and everything is clean.

Another bonus is that this Built-in Oven is bigger than the oven on the stove 4 mouths that I had in the kitchen previously. And there is no room for a gas stove. 6 bocas. So a built-in oven is basically the most practical way of having a bigger oven without having to break everything.

Choice of Brastemp Gas Built-in Oven

When it comes to built-in ovens the options are not many and unfortunately they are all expensive. Right away I already discarded the electric models. They are cheaper, but the cheap is expensive when using, since the cost of electricity is considerably higher than the cost of gas.

Then I gave preference to Brastemp, brand that has done relatively well here: fridge, stove and microwave already have 8 years of trouble-free use. Washing machine has recently undergone maintenance, but it was also the first in almost 8 years. On the other hand, I can't say the same about Electrolux, that already gave me a problem in dishwasher, on the drinking fountain and in the vacuum cleaner. Only the humidifier is still unharmed.

Brastemp's built-in gas oven options were just two: the cheapest (BOA84AE) it's black and doesn't match anything in my kitchen, which is all with stainless steel appliances. Note that now a BOA84AR which is in stainless steel, but before I didn't. My option ended up being at BOH84AR, that until then was the only option in stainless steel. He is more expensive, but it has convection, something that I thought could be useful for my breads and meats. I ended up choosing him.

Another thing I noticed in my research is that apparently all gas ovens are 220V. At first it didn't make a lot of sense to me, after all it's a gas oven, electricity should only be used to generate the sparks that ignite the flames. My previous stove is bivolt. But reading the specifications I noticed that these ovens have the grill electric. Then it makes sense not to be bivolts, the resistance of grill it has to be 127V or 220V, there's no way to accept both.

And why the grill it is not gas? Perhaps because burning the gas generates moisture, what gets in the way of browning food. At grill electrical power should be more efficient as it does not generate moisture.

And why are all 220V? Perhaps because they are made in China, where only 220V is used. Perhaps because even in regions of Brazil where 127V is used, as is the case with my, it is common for showers and appliances that use more energy to be 220V to use less current and save on the wire gauge.


With the specifications of the BOH84ARRNA in hands, I measured the location to make sure the oven would fit. I talked to the trusted woodworker who made all the planned furniture at home and he said it was possible to extend the sink cabinet. It was somewhat on the edge of space, even in depth, but like the result.

As for the electrical part, I already had a 220V socket under the sink cabinet, where I turn on the dishwasher. What I did was put a second plug in there. The dishwasher uses a maximum of 1760W and asks for an exclusive circuit, with 15A circuit breaker. The oven calls for a 10A circuit, because it uses 1300W. The original circuit of the house for this single outlet is 32A, so it seemed ok to add one more plug. It's not ideal, but it serves. I took the opportunity to change the shot of the horrible Dicompel, that the construction company put, by Schneider Electric's Lunare line outlets, as I have done in most of the house.

I tinned the wires from jumper of the outlet, because of the gauge, it is difficult to fit the flexible wire into the holes without fraying. It was all very cute. They were dishwasher safe, the oven and the cooktop (the latter has very low consumption) in this circuit. Even if all connected together they will not consume more than 32A, moreover, will not even reach half of that, so everything is fine with the wiring.

used a Tripolar Multiplier Extension 20A 1M 2T White (to connect oven and cooktop), because the wires didn’t reach the outlet. Extensions are prohibited by the manual, but this one is really tough and shouldn't be a problem. Everything is inside the cabinets, that have been properly drilled to pass the wiring and gas. The electrical installation was all I did, except the holes in the cabinet I left for the joiner.

The installation of gas was carried out by professionals, because I prefer not to play with it. The gas is LPG and comes piped, there was already a single record for the stove, but it was in a place that would be inaccessible behind the oven. The staff then changed the location and doubled the output for oven and cooktop, leaving a record for each. They were accessible within the sink cabinet, just open a door.

Check out the photos and the video of the Brastemp Gas Built-in Oven 78 Liters Stainless Steel with Convection and Meat Control Thermometer – BOH84AR 220V (BOH84ARRNA) up and running:

First Impressions

My first impressions of the Brastemp Gas Built-in Oven 78 Liters Stainless Steel with Convection and Meat Control Thermometer – BOH84AR 220V (BOH84ARRNA) has been very good. We didn't do much, but we already baked bread, tend ball, chicken thigh / drumstick, cheese bread, toast, among others and the results were good.

The thermometer I used only with the tender and it works. The convection I used on some breads, but I still need to do more tests to see if it really looks better this way. The grill I haven't used it yet.

On video not Youtube I noticed that some people complain that this oven is difficult to start, that does not stop connected, etc. But it seems that these people were too lazy to read the manual, because I had no problems. It is only necessary to hold the button pressed for a few seconds so that it does not cut the gas and turn off by yourself. It's boring, but it is a matter of security. And my previous stove, made in 2012, already had this protection.

Another feature that can scare the unsuspecting is that the oven releases hot air from the front, just above the panel. Even after being turned off, it still keeps blowing hot air around for a while. This is normal and part of the cooling system, after all he is inside a cabinet. The lamp also has a small latency to switch on / off.

The hours can be used to just warn that the food is ready, but you can also cut the gas automatically, What is pretty cool. But, não sei o que acontece se ocorrer uma queda de energia durante o uso. Ele desliga imediatamente? Ou fica funcionando além do tempo programado? Por via das dúvidas não é bom deixar o forno ligado e sair de casa. And not, eu não quis simular uma queda de energia só para testar isso.


Estas são as informações de rastreamento do forno obtidas no sistema da Right buy:

18 de dez. from 2020	03:00	Pedido Entregue!
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And this is the purchase summary table:

Product Name: Brastemp Gas Built-in Oven 78 Liters Stainless Steel with Convection and Meat Control Thermometer – BOH84AR 220V (BOH84ARRNA)
Name Original: Brastemp Gas Built-in Oven 78 Liters Stainless Steel with Convection and Meat Control Thermometer – BOH84AR 220V (BOH84ARRNA)
Store: Right buy
Value: R$ 2.345,55
Current value: R$ 3.329,00
Payment Method: Visa credit card
Shipping Type: Economic
Shipping Fee: R$ 62,91
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 02/12/2020
Submission Date: 10/12/2020
Data Delivery: 18/12/2020
Time in Transit: 8 days

Final Considerations

So far I am satisfied with the Brastemp Gas Built-in Oven 78 Liters Stainless Steel with Convection and Meat Control Thermometer – BOH84AR 220V (BOH84ARRNA). Espero que não precise de manutenção, pois ouvi dizer que as peças são caras, por não ser um produto fabricado no Brasil. Mas quanto aos recursos e facilidade de uso e limpeza não tenho do que reclamar. E achei que ficou bem bonito na minha cozinha.

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Paulo Vicente

great review!
I still have the oven hole in the kitchen, hoping to have some money left in the budget to get a good.

As a branch breaker, I took a small electric, from 30l. He positively surprised me, even though it is very basic.

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