[Review] Cooktop 4 Brastemp mouths with double tray and touch timer – BDT62AE – BIVOLT

The Cooktop 4 Brastemp mouths with double tray and touch timer – BDT62AE – BIVOLT was installed in my kitchen together with a Brastemp Gas Built-in Oven 78 Liters Color Stainless Steel with Convection and Meat Control Thermometer – BOH84AR 220V (BOH84ARRNA), which I have already spoken here in Skooter Blog, replacing a conventional stove that was there previously.


The objective of exchanging the conventional stove for the Cooktop and the Built-in Oven was to facilitate cleaning. The glass top of the cooktops they are much easier to clean than the stainless steel tops of most stoves. Furthermore, on non-built-in stoves, as was the case with my, it is necessary to drag and clean walls and cabinets around. With the stone extension that was made for my sink, now I just have to clean the stone and the walls around it: granite and porcelain tiles are also easy to clean. Now just take a few sneezes of Mr Muscle Kitchen, a rag and everything is clean. Once in a while also a step glass cleaner to complete the cleaning.

Choice of Cooktop 4 Brastemp mouths

Cooktops are cheaper than conventional stoves, what makes the replacement of the conventional stove for the set more expensive cooktop + oven is always the oven. So I chose not to save on the cooktop. First I chose the brand: Brastemp. This brand has done relatively well here: fridge, stove and microwave already have 8 years of trouble-free use. Washing machine has recently undergone maintenance, but it was also the first in almost 8 years. On the other hand, I can't say the same about Electrolux, that already gave me a problem in dishwasher, on the drinking fountain and in the vacuum cleaner. Only the humidifier is still unharmed.

chosen brand, it remained to see the models. I considered only those from 4 bocas, because those of 5 mouths don't fit in my kitchen space. I opted for the most sophisticated model right away, with a double flame burner and timer touch, because the price difference between them is small, especially considering what you pay in the oven.

The bars are in iron, buttons are removable. The lighting is fully automatic, just turn the knob. In the first 90º of the button (turning counterclockwise) it triggers the spark to light. This is very practical.


With the specifications of the oven and the cooktop, I measured the location to make sure they would fit.. I talked to the trusted joiner who made all the custom furniture at home and he said that you could make the extension of the cabinet from the sink to the oven. The marble company that had already made other stones for my house took care of making the extension of the sink using the same type of stone. It gave a certain difference in tones, but this is inevitable. stones are never identical.

As for the electrical part, I already had an outlet (220In) under the sink cabinet, where I turn on the dishwasher. What I did was put a second plug in there. The dishwasher uses a maximum of 1760W and asks for an exclusive circuit, with 15A circuit breaker. The oven calls for a 10A circuit, because it uses 1300W. The original circuit of the house for this single outlet is 32A, so it seemed ok to add one more plug. It's not ideal, but it serves. I took the opportunity to change the socket of the horrible Dicompel, that the construction company put, by line outlets monthly of Schneider Electric, as I have done in most of the house, because the switches of Dicompel broke all.

I tinned the wires from jumper of the outlet, because of the gauge, it is difficult to fit the flexible wire into the holes without fraying. It was all very cute. They were dishwasher safe, the oven and the cooktop in this circuit. The cooktop has an insignificant electrical consumption, because it uses energy only for the hours and for automatic lighting. Even if all connected together they will not consume more than 32A, moreover, will not even reach half of that, so everything is fine with the wiring.

used a Tripolar Multiplier Extension 20A 1M 2T White to turn on the oven and cooktop, because the wires didn’t reach the outlet. It's a pretty chunky extension and shouldn't give you any problems.. Everything is inside the cabinets, that have been properly drilled to pass the wiring and gas. The electrical installation was all I did, except the holes in the cabinet I left for the joiner.

The installation of gas was carried out by professionals, because I prefer not to play with it. The gas is LPG and comes piped, there was already a single record for the stove, but it was in a place that would be inaccessible behind the oven. The staff then changed the location and doubled the output to the oven and cooktop, leaving a record for each. They were accessible within the sink cabinet, just open a door.

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing and the Cooktop 4 Brastemp mouths with double tray and touch timer – BDT62AE – BIVOLT operation:

First Impressions

My first impressions of Cooktop 4 Brastemp mouths, that aren't even that first, because it's already been five months, it has been very good.

I didn't have any problem with it, except maybe place some smaller pan, as it is necessary to be careful not to be outside the grid. The double flame mouth is very violent, sometimes makes a noise to light, but it is normal. Just make sure you fit it right after cleaning.. It is very good for pressure cookers and other recipes that require a very high heat.. The hours only hours, does not work as a watch when not in use, different from what happens with the display of the oven.

Cleaning, as I mentioned, is easy. I take out the bars and buttons, play the Mr Muscle Kitchen, I let it act for a minute and wipe it with a clean cloth. If the glass looks greasy, step one glass cleaner to complete the cleaning. I clean the grids and buttons also with the Mr Muscle Kitchen and I put them back. Occasionally I pass a toothpick around the iron of the burners, where fat accumulates.


This is the furnace tracking information obtained from the system. Shoptime:

What maximum, pedido entregue
sex, 22/jan
O pedido foi entregue
Que bom, seu pedido tá a caminho
sáb, 28/nov
Your request has been delivered to the carrier

A data de entrega informada não corresponde com a realidade. No give 22/01/2021 eu já estava usando o cooktop for quite some time. A entrega na verdade ocorreu no dia 03/12/2020


And this is the purchase summary table:

Product Name: Cooktop 4 Brastemp mouths with double tray and touch timer – BDT62AE – BIVOLT
Name Original: Cooktop 4 Brastemp mouths with double tray and touch timer – BDT62AE – BIVOLT
Store: Shoptime
Value: R$ 611,10 c/ R$ 30,56 from cashback no Ame = R$ 580,54
Current value: R$ 809,00
Payment Method: Visa credit card
Shipping Type: Economic
Shipping Fee: R$ 92,34
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 27/11/2020
Submission Date: 28/11/2020
Data Delivery: 03/12/2020
Time in Transit: 5 days

Final Considerations

So far I am satisfied with the Cooktop 4 Brastemp mouths with double tray and touch timer – BDT62AE – BIVOLT. A facilidade de uso e limpeza compensa bastante. E ainda achei que ficou bem bonito na minha cozinha.

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