[Review] Mop Lava and Seca, MOP7740, Flash Limp

The Mop Lava and Seca, MOP7740, Flash Limp was acquired in Amazon Brazil and these are its characteristics:

  • The Mop Lava e Seca is versatile and ideal to accompany you in all stages of cleaning, It's perfect for washing and drying the floor.. Suitable for wooden floors, cold, synthetics, porcelain and laminates.
  • vertical compression: better dirt removal and drying of the microfiber base.
  • Thin base, flat and flexible 360º: allows reaching areas of difficult access.
  • Microfiber MOP that efficiently removes all dirt. Microfiber Cloth Refill comes with. Flat format that allows cleaning under hard-to-reach furniture and corners.
  • User friendly, just wash, scrape and it's ready to be used again, avoiding contact with chemicals and dirty water. Saves water and reduces the use of chemicals.

Motivation and Choice

My motivation to acquire the Mop Lava and Seca, MOP7740, Flash Limp was replacing the squeegee with cloth to clean the house. I chose this model after having purchased and returned it without using a Pro Rotating Mop, MOP7824, 9 l, Green, Flash Limp. Logo no unboxing I already noticed that the locking mechanism (not to rotate) from the Pro Rotating Mop it's very bad and it doesn't crash completely, so the cable runs down as the mop is used. I tried to tighten it more and then it locked and never let go. The way was to return. Then I chose the Mop Lava and Seca and this one yes i approved. The criterion was simple: I tried to avoid the cheaper ones, because many say they break very easily and cheap is expensive. De fate, the ratings of cheaper models tend to be worse. The Mop Lava and Seca is among the most expensive of Flash Limp, but it seems to be well built and has refill sold separately, so it should last a long time.


Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing from the Mop Lava and Seca, MOP7740, Flash Limp:


I've been using Mop Lava and Seca there 3 months and I'm enjoying it a lot. It's much more practical than wiping with a squeegee. With the squeegee the cloth kept escaping all the time and I often had to take it off and wash it. The mop has nothing to escape and with it we have no contact with the dirt.

In the weekly cleaning of the house, I fill the rinse side of the bucket with water and put two lids on Ajax Fresh. I wet the mop on the rinse side and remove the excess from the part with the press. Most of the excess goes back to the rinse part to be reused, leaving the press part dry. Periodically rinse the mop on the rinse part, rubbing it on the teeth that grab the dirt and take the excess off again.

Eventually the rinse water level gets low to wet the entire mop, but in this case just complete the rinse water. At some point the level on the side of the press rises a little and wets the tip of the mop, then just open the cap underneath and drain the water. But, when these events happen, it's usually time to change the water, which is already dirty. So it's more practical to drain the two waters by removing the caps, run a little running water to remove the dirt, put the covers, and refill the rinse part.

I have never used this mop to dry, but the idea in this case would be to leave the bucket empty and use the mop to absorb the water and remove it with the press. In this case, the water removed would fill the rinse compartment.

Despite finding the Mop Lava and Seca very good, I think the ideal mop would be one with three compartments. one with clean water, one with water for rinsing and one with the press. so i could rinse, remove the excess, get clean water to pass on the floor, and remove the excess again. This would save water and cleaning product, because only the rinse water would soil more. But unfortunately there is no such product.

Another point that deserves to be highlighted is: don't believe who says this mop “sweep and wipe at the same time”. if the floor is dirty, it can even pick up some of the finest dirt, dust, etc. but hair strands, dog hair and other larger particles will just be dragged back and forth. The ideal is to vacuum first and then mop, and that's how I've been doing. Com o chão livre de partículas maiores, o mop vai apenas retirar o pó mais fino e a sujeira que fica grudada no chão.


Product Name: Mop Lava and Seca, MOP7740, Flash Limp
Name Original: Mop Lava and Seca, MOP7740, Flash Limp
Store: Amazon Brazil
Value: R$ 147,58
Current value: R$149,99
Payment Method: Elo Credit Card
Shipping Type: Express Delivery
Shipping Fee: Free (Amazon Prime)
Package Home Country: Brazil
Purchase Data: 01/04/2021
Submission Date:
Data Delivery: 03/04/2021
Time in Transit: 2 days

Final Considerations

The Mop Lava and Seca, MOP7740, Flash Limp not perfect, mas é muito mais prático do que passar pano com rodo. Gasta menos água, gasta menos produto de limpeza, evita o contato das mãos com a sujeira. Definitivamente foi um bom investimento.

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