[Review] DualSense Charging Station – the official Sony charger for PlayStation controllers 5 (PS5)

The DualSense Charging Station is Sony's official charger for DualSense controllers from PlayStation 5 (PS5).

When the PS5 was released at the end of 2020, the DualSense Charging Station it was scarcer than the console itself, and it remained that way until mid- 2021. Very difficult to find in stock all over the US and in any online store in the world. At most there were a few scalpers on eBay asking for outrageous prices. In Brazil he didn't even appear at that time. The impression was that Sony would not release it here..

in april the DualSense Charging Station appeared in Play-Asia for fair prices, so I ended up making my purchase there. Today the accessory can be found at Amazon Brazil, so it looks like the scarcity problem is finally over.


I have official Sony chargers for PlayStation 3 e PlayStation 4, as I have already shown here on Skooter Blog in previous articles:

My experience with them was very positive.. My DualShock 3 They still have their original batteries., as well as the DualShock 4.

Fitting Sony's controllers into their official chargers is seamless, easy to be done. In the case of DualShock 4 I don't even need to take off the covers I use on the controllers. Third-party chargers are often a little tricky to fit.

Furthermore, Sony's official chargers already come with a power supply, unlike most third-party chargers that only come with a USB plug so we have to provide a power supply..

Give way, as soon as got the PlayStation 5 I already tried to include the DualSense Charging Station on my wish list.


A Play-Asia was the first reliable store to stock the DualSense Charging Station lasting more than a few minutes. This only happened in April, 5 months after launch, and so I decided to make my purchase there.

Got the japanese version. Currently the Asian version is also available. A european version has ad but is unavailable at the time of writing this article. Deep down they are all the same, differing only in the language of the packaging and the plug of the power supply cable.

I opted for economic shipping, which is registered. The inconvenience is having to pay the postal dispatch fee to the Post Office., but it's the cheapest option. The express option is by courier, more expensive, faster and with the abusive import taxes and ICMS that reach 100% the value of the product + freight.

I also added the neutral package option, without the Play-Asia logo, not to draw attention.

Unboxing, Installation and Testing

The DualSense Charging Station was shipped in a cardboard box, with the actual declared value (US$ 42,99) without mention of the freight cost and was not taxed.

Inside the package was the DualSense Charging Station in its original sealed Japanese packaging, along with two stickers from the store and a mask holder.

The power supply has 5.1V and 2.8A output, totaling 14.3W. The cable has a Japanese standard plug. (Type A) and I used one adapter to connect it to Brazilian outlets.

The base does not have any LED to indicate the operation, so we have to rely on the DualSense LEDs for that. The DualSense docks in the charger is super smooth, even simpler than the DualShock 4 in its respective official charger.

Note that it was not possible to attach the DualSense to the charger with the acrylic cover I had at the time, e que já mostrei aqui no Skooter Blog. Minha solução foi deixar de usá-las. No lugar delas adquiri dois pares de grips da Oivo: the P-5 Controller Grip Skin, whose vídeo de unboxing e teste pode ser visto no nosso canal do Youtube. Eles podem ser adquiridos na AliExpress.

Confira as fotos e vídeo de unboxing, installation and testing of DualSense Charging Station:


This is the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: DualSense Charging Station
Name Original: DualSense Charging Station
Store: Play-Asia
Value: R$ 259,01 (US$ 42,99)
Current value: R$ 316,03 (US$ 52,99)
Payment Method: Elo Credit Card
Shipping Type: Economy
Shipping Fee: R$ 128,93 (US$ 21,40)
Package Home Country: Hong Kong / China
Purchase Data: 16/04/2021
Submission Date: 16/04/2021
Data Delivery: 24/05/2021
Time in Transit: 39 days
Declared content: Charging Dock
Type Marked Content: Sale of Goods
Declared Value: USD 42.99
Taxed: Not
Taxable Value: -
Tax Value: -

Final Considerations

The DualSense Charging Station works perfectly, fica bonito no painel e deixa meus DualSense sempre prontos para jogar. Acho que foi uma excelente aquisição.

Adquira o seu DualSense Charging Station nas seguintes lojas:

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I was also seeing your review of the Ps4 and Ps3 charging base. I was also seeing your review of the Ps4 and Ps3 charging base, I was also seeing your review of the Ps4 and Ps3 charging base. I was also seeing your review of the Ps4 and Ps3 charging base… kkkk. However, I was also seeing your review of the Ps4 and Ps3 charging base.

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