[Review] 100W PD Multi-Function Quick Charger + QC3.0 + Smart Wireless Charger – X9 model with 8 USB e Display LED

The 100W PD Multi-Function Quick Charger + QC3.0 + Smart Wireless Charger – X9 model with 8 USB e Display LED was acquired in Shopee. It does wireless charging, by induction, of devices that are positioned on it and also has 8 USB slides, being one of them Quick Charge 3.0 and another 18W USB-C PD.


I wanted a USB charger that plugged directly into the wall outlet to keep in my TV room and use for charging. my various game controllers, many of which I've already shown here on Skooter Blog, including several from 8BitDo.

I had been loading these controllers into my TV's USB ports or the Hub USB 3.0 Orico A3H13P2 what i use on my pc. The problem is that some controllers cause strange behavior when plugged in to be charged in a USB data port. No PC, for example, at DualShock 4 plugged in makes the screen not turn off and the PC never go into sleep mode. In Sony XBR TV-55X905E I also remember having some problem that was solved when I disconnected a controller that was charging.

Choice of 100W PD Multi-Function Quick Charger + QC3.0 + Smart Wireless Charger

At first I thought only of acquiring a charger with display, to get some information on how the load was going. Initially I considered simpler models, no induction charging.

I considered a model 5 doors and other of 8 doors that are sold on AliExpress. But while searching I found the model that in addition to 8 doors also have induction charging, little thing more expensive than the others and I thought: Why not? Several times I'm in the living room and I want to recharge my cell phone a little without having to take it to the um dos docks (office and bedroom) where do i load it.

I ended up shopping at Shopee em vez da AliExpress because the price was lower at the time and the product is the same.

Unboxing and Tests

The 100W PD Multi-Function Quick Charger + QC3.0 + Smart Wireless Charger came in a retail cardboard box, bringing your specifications. The model is indicated as X9 and it accepts input from 100V to 240V at 50/60Hz, in other words, it's universal.

The output is 5V and 1A-2.4A. I don't understand why this range of values ​​in the current, as it can deliver less than 1A as the connected device asks. To port QC 3.0 works with 5V / 9In / 12V is 3.4A / 2A / 1,5A. In this case, I assume that each current is the maximum supported for each available voltage., which is consistent with the power of 18W.

Wireless charging is done with 5V and 7.5A / 10A. Again I didn't understand these two chains, since it can also offer 5A. In total, The device can supply up to 100W, adding up all ports and wireless recharging.

The type of plug can be chosen at the time of purchase, so I opted for the European, that is compatible with Brazilian outlets. Inside the package were the charger, the cable and an instruction sheet.

The device has a nice build, with ventilation holes on the back and a rubber on the top to prevent the device being induction charging from slipping. When connecting it to the power, the inscription appears “Fast Charging Base”, which goes off after some time of idle charger.

Connecting something to charge in some port, the charger shows voltage and current that it is delivering. If multiple ports are used at the same time, it will rotate the information of each port.

A negative point is that after some time of charging without new devices being connected or disconnected, the charger just goes out. he keeps working, but turn off the display to save energy. I did not like that, I wish he was on all the time. Unfortunately there is no way to change this behavior..

Wireless recharging worked perfectly on my Xiaomi Mi 9, delivering 10W, what is the charger limit in induction charging. Then I connected my Amazfit Pace and it delivered 5.2V and 0.2A, which corresponds to the low current that the watch demands.

I then connected 7 controllers and more the cell phone by induction in the Multi-Functional Fast Charger, leaving only the USB-C port out because there is no cable to use it. The device did the job perfectly. But, It is worth remembering that controllers are not usually very demanding, asking no more than 5.2V and 0.6A.

I even did a test with a iPad's 2018 at the QC port 3.0, which delivered 5.2V and 2.0A, consistent with what I've seen in other chargers. iPad does not ask for voltages higher than 5V.

Por fim, tested the Xiaomi Mi 9 at the QC port 3.0 and the charger delivered 9.1V and 1.1A, which is also consistent with what I've seen in other chargers.

Check out the photos and the video of unboxing and testing of the 100W PD Multi-Function Quick Charger + QC3.0 + Smart Wireless Charger:


These are the tracking information package, obtained in the Shopee system:

14/04/2021 03:19
[BR]Successful delivery (SWEDENPOST:LB ********* SE)
07/04/2021 00:12
[BR]Customs clearance is complete
05/04/2021 20:54
[BR]Your order arrived in Brazil. You can also check the delivery status on the LB*********SE post office website.
24/03/2021 11:27
[China]The package is in transit from China to Brazil
23/03/2021 04:19
[In Transit]The package is in transit from China to Brazil
23/03/2021 00:17
Seu código de rastreamento é LB*********SE. In approx. 1 week, your tracking code will be available to be verified on the Correios website.
21/03/2021 23:02
[China]Your package is shipped from our international sorting center
21/03/2021 14:58
Your package left our screening center in Shenzhen, China
21/03/2021 02:06
Your package arrived at our sorting center in Shenzhen, China
20/03/2021 23:50
Your package has been sent by the seller to our international sorting center
19/03/2021 21:30
Your order is ready to be shipped by the seller


Por fim, This is the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: 100W PD Multi-Function Quick Charger + QC3.0 + Smart Wireless Charger – X9 model with 8 USB e Display LED
Name Original: (I)8Port Multi Fast USB Charger Quick Charge 3.0 Phone Charging Station LED Display USB Smart Wireless / Digital Display
Store: Shopee | joymi.br
Value: R$ 161,90
Current value: R$ 212,96
Payment Method: Elo Credit Card
Shipping Type: standard express
Shipping Fee: Free
Package Home Country: China
Purchase Data: 19/03/2021
Submission Date: 20/03/2021
Data Delivery: 14/04/2021
Time in Transit: 25 days
Declared content: Mobile & Accessories
Type Marked Content: Others
Declared Value: USD 15.68
Taxed: Not
Taxable Value: -
Tax Value: -

Final Considerations

I'm satisfied 100W PD Multi-Function Quick Charger + QC3.0 + Smart Wireless Charger – X9 model with 8 USB e Display LED. Agora posso carregar meus controladores sem ficar dependendo das portas USB da TV ou do computador, evitando os problemas associados a deixar um controlador conectado na TV ou no computador.

A única característica que eu mudaria no carregador é essa questão de ele apagar o display após algum tempo sem conectar/desconectar dispositivos. Eu gostaria que o display ficasse sempre aceso, mostrando as informações de carga sempre que algum dispositivo está sendo carregado.

Você pode adquirir este Multi-Functional Fast Charger in Shopee or in AliExpress.

Share this article with your friends if you liked 😉 . If you also want to shop in Shopee, direto da China ou com vendedores no Brasil, click here and good shopping.

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