[Review] ODV-GBS-C (GBS Control) – Component/VGA/SCART to VGA/HDMI Upscaler for Older Video Games

The ODV-GBS-C it is a version of GBS Control (GBS-C), at firmware alternative to a upscaler low cost by adding the following features:

  • very low latency
  • sharp and defined upscaling, comparable to much more expensive equipment
  • no loss of sync when changing between 240p/480i (the output runs independently of the input, screen sync is never lost)
  • motion-on-demand adaptive deinterlacing that turns on automatically and only when needed
  • works with almost everything: consoles of 8 bits, consoles of 16/32 bits, consoles of years 2000, home computers, etc.
  • little commitment, even if the source hardware is very affordable (less than US $ 30 normally)
  • many useful features and image enhancements
  • control interface via web browser, using the resources of WiFi ESP8266
  • good color reproduction with auto gain and auto shift for the triple ADC 8 bits @ 160 MHz
  • capacity of bypass optional for, for example, transcode Component to RGB/HV in high quality

Assembling a GBS Control involves making a series of modifications to the original hardware and adding a few components, in addition to installing the alternative firmware. However, there are several ready-made versions for sale on AliExpress.. Of all the ones I've found, I found the ODV-GBS-C one of the coolest, with an injected plastic case that gives a final product appearance, unlike the majority that only offer those covers of plexyglass that leave the product unprotected and full of dust inside.

This is, in the best of my knowledge, first review de to ODV-GBS-C in Brazil and in the world.

Motivation and Choice

Those who know the Skooter Blog you know that I like a lot of classic consoles. In 2013 got my First HDMI output with upscaler, to improve the resolution of my consoles in modern TVs. At the same time I purchased my first SCART RGB cables, essential to extract the best image of the classic consoles.

I really liked the results. In 2014 I decided to upgrade upscaler, leaving for the Framemeister XRGB Mini, that was the State of the art upscaler for classic consoles at the time, with 1080p output resolution, great for upscale to from 240p and 480i deinterlacing which is still considered one of the best.

In 2015, the OSSC emerged and I began to follow its evolution. He's not really a upscaler, able to scale the image, but only a row multiplier. At first he was not so attractive, with resolution limited to 720 p and without a native HDMI output. But with the revision 1.6 OSSC started to get interesting, with native HDMI output and then won the modes Line4x and Line5x, Finally taking the OSSC for Full HD resolutions and beyond (1920×1200 in 5x blunt mode). I ended up buying mine 2019.

But both Framemeister and OSSC have a rather annoying limitation: they lose sync with the TV whenever the source signal changes, because both have the output linked to the input. This is especially annoying in some games. Atari 2600 and PlayStation, which are the consoles that I currently have connected via upscaler.

The Atari 2600 leaves all video control to the software. Many games have been poorly programmed and change the number of lines, and consequently the screen refresh rate, during the game. This causes OSSC and Framemeister to get lost. In some cases the games become unplayable.

The PlayStation has several resolutions available to developers, and many also make the change during the game, often using 480i in the menu display and 240p in the game itself. This also causes OSSC and Framemeister to get lost..

And this is where one of the main advantages of ODV-GBS-C. Its output runs independently of the input, so that it doesn't get out of sync with these changes that Atari 2600 and PlayStation do.

I had my eye on the GBS Control project for quite some time., however the idea of ​​acquiring a series of extra components and installing them did not please me. Later, ready-made versions began to appear., including a national one from GamesCare, but the high price, the lack of HDMI output on early models and the lack of a case closed made me postpone the purchase.

Recently I was looking at the GBS Control models available on AliExpress and I came across the ODV-GBS-C. This model immediately caught my attention for having a closed case and a commercial product look.. Furthermore, it already comes with the alternative clock generator, which is a recommended design change, and that it is optional in several models sold ready. It also has simultaneous VGA and HDMI output., which is not something I'm going to use right now, but it is interesting to have. Por fim, the ODV-GBS-C also seems to be the only one that uses its own PCB, unlike others who make modifications to the original PCB and add extra boards.

I came to consider other models with additional inputs and outputs (RGB inputs via RCA, RGB output via mini-DIN, etc.), but the open case of these models does not please me and, at first, I will not use these additional inputs and outputs. Furthermore, many of these models limit the use of VGA or HDMI non-simultaneously.

I just got on the back foot with the ODV-GBS-C in two points. The first one is the presence of knobs for individual control of components red, green and blue, that exist in the original PCB, but it is recommended to remove and make jumpers. The second point is that the initial batches of the device came out with a factory defect., where used three capacitors with wrong values. Every seller I contacted claimed they already had new lots. The seller I bought it from took a few days to ship, so I suppose it didn't even have stock and waited for a new batch to arrive from the factory.

Unboxing from the ODV-GBS-C

The ODV-GBS-C came well packaged and accompanied by the power supply in the European standard (compatible with the Brazilian standard) and the instruction manual. The construction of the device appears to be very good.. At the top we have the on and off switch., the knobs to control the intensity of red, green and blue individually, and a button for navigating the menu and selecting options. A small OLED screen shows key options and status and an LED indicates the device is powered on.

On the front we have the VGA input and the SCART input and a switch to select whether the synchronization signal is together with the green one or separate. On the right side there is the power input and a micro USB jack for software updates. firmware. On the back we have the VGA outputs., P2 audio, e HDMI. Por fim, on the left side there is 5 RCA jacks that are component video input with stereo audio.

Having entrances on all sides, the ODV-GBS-C ends up taking up a lot of space on the rack. Because of this, I initially chose to leave it standing, supported on the SCART plug, but later I decided fix it on the panel with velcro, so it doesn't take up rack space and still makes the OLED display visible from the couch.

Check out the photos and the video of the unboxing and installation of ODV-GBS-C:

Note that my use case only includes SCART input and HDMI output, so I haven't tested other scenarios. In the SCART input I connected the output of the gscartsw_lite v1.5, to which my Atari are connected 2600 and my PlayStation One. On the HDMI output I connected a switch HDMI LINK-MI LM-SW04 which in turn is connected to outro switch HDMI (Ünnlink), which is connected to a splitter HDMI, whose outputs are connected to the Magewell USB Capture HDMI 4K Plus Device and or Receiver Yamaha Aventage RX-A870, which in turn is connected to TV Sony XBR-55X905E 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart Android LED série X905E. Confused? Then take a look at the scheme below:

Diagram of Connections - Family Room - November version 2022.

Diagram of Connections – Family Room – November version 2022.

Note that the schema still contains the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo, but currently they are on my CRT TV, and I play these consoles mostly through MiSTer, from the Analogue Mega Sg, and the Analogue Super Nt. PlayStation is Atari 2600 I have also been playing more through MiSTer, but I still kept the original consoles on the TV in the living room for now. The PlayStation because the core of MiSTer was recently implemented, e o Atari 2600 because of the games they use paddles, not yet supported correctly by MiSTer, e DPC+, which is not implemented in MiSter.

Test of ODV-GBS-C

After turning on the ODV-GBS-C, I connected my cell phone to the WiFi access point that it creates by default, and then I adjusted the settings for it to connect to my router, so that I could easily access it from my cell phone or my PC, using web browser. I didn't take screenshots da interface web, but it can be seen in the video of unboxing and installation that is up there. The most basic settings can be made using the button on top and the OLED display., but the more advanced ones need the web interface.

In the web interface it is possible to create profiles, adjust output resolution, adjust gain and automatic gain control, adjust position, image scaling and borders, intensity and other characteristics of scanlines, and some more advanced options.

I set the output to Full HD (1920×1080) and as scanlines at the smoothest level. In the interface I missed numerical values ​​that would indicate the current setting (position, scaling, edges, scanlines, etc.), so the only way to know the current setting is by looking at the screen. I ended up leaving the tweaks, scaling and borders in the pattern, and the knobs maximum color.

On the PlayStation I did some tests with the R4: Ridge Racer Type 4, which is one of my favorites and has menus in 480i and the game itself in 240p. I really enjoyed the seamless transition, no interruptions. Furthermore, the ODV-GBS-C put the scanlines in 240p as I wanted and when entering 480i it does not use the scanlines and does the motion based adaptive deinterlacing, which is much better than Bob, which is used in OSSC, because it doesn't have those flickers.

No Atari 2600 the ODV-GBS-C also shines. Tested some critical games that fail miserably on OSSC and Framemeister. One of them is the Condor Attack, which alternates the amount of lines frequently and makes the screen rotate eventually even on CRTs. ODV-GBS-C manages to display it without fail. I also tested other Atari games 2600 who have problems with other upscalers, as Entombed and Commando, and everything worked perfectly.

I was also surprised by the Tapper, which is an Atari game 2600 that uses an incorrectly implemented 480i mode. In Framemeister it is full of glitches, but not ODV-GBS-C it works perfectly. Another game that Framemeister doesn't like is Video Pinball, which also works normally on ODV-GBS-C.

A playlist below are all my tests and play sessions with ODV-GBS-C. New videos will be added to it whenever I play.


These are the package tracking information obtained from the AliExpress system:

2022-08-31 16:58
Package delivered

2022-08-31 10:19
Out for delivery
Out for delivery

2022-08-27 13:46
Left destination country/region sorting center

2022-08-27 13:37
Clearing Customs
Customs clearance complete

2022-08-27 10:01
Received by local delivery company

2022-08-23 17:40
Arrived at destination country/region

2022-08-22 05:03
Leaving from departure country/region

2022-08-17 18:31
Arrived at departure transport hub

2022-08-17 03:27
[Fenggang Town]Processing at sorting center

2022-08-17 02:08
[Fenggang Town]Processing at sorting center

2022-08-16 19:22
Received by logistics company

And these are the information obtained on the site of the station:


Object delivered to recipient
By the Distribution Unit, [REMOVED]
31/08/2022 16:58

Object out for delivery to the recipient
31/08/2022 10:19

Object in transit - please wait
of Treatment Unit, INDAIATUBA - SP
for Distribution Unit, [REMOVED]
30/08/2022 10:09

Object in transit - please wait
Integrated Logistics Unit, CURITIBA - PR
for Treatment Unit, INDAIATUBA - SP
27/08/2022 13:46

Customs inspection completed
27/08/2022 13:37

Object received by Correios do Brasil
27/08/2022 10:01

posted object
22/08/2022 02:49


It, Finally, We got the table-summary of purchase:

Product Name: ODV-GBS-C (GBS Control) – Component/VGA/SCART to VGA/HDMI Upscaler for Older Video Games
Name Original: ODV-GBS-C Component/VGA/Scart to VGA/HDMI-Compatible Scan Converter Adapter for Retro Game Console for PS1/PS2/PS3/GameCube/N64
Store: AliExpress | Store: ZCMY game Store
Value: R$ 436,97
Current value: R$ 439,62 (US$ 80,24)
Payment Method: Credit Card Visa International
Shipping Type: Aliexpress Standard Shipping
Shipping Fee: R$ 24,75
Package Home Country: China
Purchase Data: 11/08/2022
Submission Date: 16/08/2022
Data Delivery: 31/08/2022
Time in Transit: 15 days
Declared content: Audio Video Cable
Type Marked Content: Others
Declared Value: USD 15 (product) + USD 5 (freight) = USD 20
Taxed: Not
Taxable Value: -
Tax Value: -

Final Considerations

I am quite satisfied with the ODV-GBS-C. I almost don't use the original consoles anymore, so it's not worth investing much more in upscaler, and what ODV-GBS-C offers me is great, mostly for dealing with complicated Atari games 2600, that OSSC and Framemeister could not handle.

The ODV-GBS-C certainly has the best value for money in upscalers today, a little cheaper than OSSC and without all the compatibility issues that OSSC has. Também dá para comprar quatro ODV-GBS-C com o preço de um único Retrotink 5X Pro, e o ODV-GBS-C ainda tem a vantagem de ser enviado diretamente para o Brasil por ePacket, reducing the chances of taxation, enquanto o Retrotink só é enviado por courier (~100% em impostos garantidos) ou através de redirecionadores de encomenda.

Vale lembrar que quem for comprar um ODV-GBS-C não pode esquecer de comprar também os cabos SCART RGB ou de vídeo componente. Recomendo os cabos da Retro Gaming Cables.

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Skooter, obrigado por ter retornado pouco a pouco. Seu blog é muito legal e, apesar de eu não ser retrogamer a ponto de ter os consoles antigos, o conteúdo é muito interessante.

Eu sou um leitor assíduo, apesar de um comentador ausente kkk



Corroboro a opinião do Diogo. Your content is too good. Be sure to update the blog. I already bought Corsair Dominator DDR4 memories with your help and stimulated by the review of your purchase.


There will be a review of this Ünnlink 5 HDMI switch×1? I'm crazy to get him. Can you give a quick opinion?? Works well? and the remote? I'm even thinking about cloning his remote control on Alexa to control it by voice. must be nice, hehe.


Caracas! I had not seen! I missed this review. I'll wait until Friday 25/11 now to see if it goes on sale or there is a discount coupon, otherwise I'll take it at full price. Thanks!!

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