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Skooter Blog is a blog about everything and nothing (or vice versa) where we discuss a variety of issues, including technology, cinema, music, sports and everyday. As the blog is eclectic create different categories for those interested in just one area can only access the posts related to it.

We have isolated several posts that did quite successfully, as the Akinator (the most popular at the moment when the text is written) and the release of apps on Orkut. Already in the categories is the greatest success of DealExtreme, where we have reviews of various products purchased at this store, besides several tips. It also was quite successful section of Refill Cartridges, that ensaina load several cartridges from HP. And new sections can be created depending on the direction we take the Skooter Blog.

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I would buy a technologist diploma (industrial maintenance mechanics or starting in 2004 / 2005 ou até 2006)




I do part


I would like to know how to act to get a degree with certificate (Start and end dates)and history:letters:port/ingles,psychology,and post graduate supervision and alfabetização.Já'm pedagogue and post graduate in rondonia,queia but they have other formações.Peço contact me,for I know the price and how to make sure ñ'll enganada.aguardando resposta.xau!


I would get a technical course in computer science 400 h
They certificate from MEC? is published in the official gazette?
I also want to get a degree in Fine Arts.
I hurry, need p / 15 days
Please respond to my email,
thank you!

Could you disclose on your blog that you can get information goods “lost” near the site of the post office ?

Many people do not know that the site mail can register formal complaint, get protocol number and copy of the complaint MAY REQUEST REIMBURSEMENT OF VALUES WITH DIRECT DEPOSIT IN CURRENT ACCOUNT.

Isto works and já utilizei for 3 misplacements,

Just click em


Select the option then the option CLAIM objects posted to or from International

Fill the form with ALL CLEAR AND ACCURATE information especially FULL NAME AS IN CONSTA RG, CPF, CONTACT NUMBERS, E-MAIL and bank details.

It works and you fill in a day, the other mail accounts. If the loss and is featured insured shipping and insurance reimburse them even (if you lost after you arrive in Brazil course), link confirming the data and everything else.

If they find misplaced and the order also link saying where fetching in your city.

Robson Teixeira

Hello, Gustavo Melo!

I found the site Skooter (excellent, by sinal) and I felt encorajado to buy na Deal Extreme. Well, the first sale happened the unpleasant. By tracking included “Lost object in the postman assault” and there is in the link you provided. But, There are several fields that do not know fill, such as, the weight of the product (how to know if it got to me?!). How did you fill the form. Could you please help me? Thanks in advance.


first, congratulations on the blog!!
Would you like some reference on the “bestofferbuy” – if anyone has bought there, it works, is delayed, if everything is all right… these things. I found nothing very illuminating googlando…
In most, long life and success to skooterblog!!

Claudia Costa

Congratulations content (everyone that). I was happy to find someone to guide consumers, semper desavisado, mas eager to buy products from abroad (leia-if China) competitively priced (read too cheap). His “guide” was very helpful to me and so I'll linka it to my blog that has the same goal as your, speak a little of everything.

Sou blogger for the environment, work in the area of ​​IT and CCTV. Between these two poles there is a multitude of things that I like, so I decided to create a multibrand. It puder, visit both. It would make me very happy to have your participation in CCTV Blog.

Already following you, longing to bid farewell, much success in all that you do.


I like your site and how I did not find no place to request contact via email so I decided to express right here. I'm aiming to advertise my blog on your site.Atualmente advertise my blog on another blog for more stats 1$ dollar a week pay via Paypal.Estou here to offer you the same offer.

I hope answers.


Saulo Benigno

Grande Skooter, Legal seu site, I came looking for differences Eneloop batteries with other brands and ended up coming here.

Face, I finished reading all the articles (by very high) of shopping at DealExtreme ( também sou cliente assíduo 😉 ) , but this reading, just bought more today 10 products… impressionante 🙂

Inclusive uma lanterna que me pergunto se vai ter utilidade pra mim 😛

But the comment is just to congratulate.


I need a degree in Electrotechnical c / publication in the Official Gazette entitled to CREA


o Skooter!!! you can show me a good microphone and a good webcam for PC. And the use and need these things Skpe


I would like an X-Bacon without bacon and a bit of neo-atheism grilled for travel. Please.
Ah! E ENO fruit salt, because the second cause me indigestion.



Skooter you partner with other blogs on import? Hugs



How I found your email'm posting right here. My name is Danilo and I am responsible for the affiliate program and LightintheBox.com miniinthebox.com in Brazil. We are seeking new partnerships and skooter blog has the profile we are looking for a successful partnership. We offer a range of very attractive commission, Apart from the possibility that we provide coupons exclusive discounts and even free shipping of products on request. Please get in touch via private message so we can talk better.


You've seen the program BBSMarket of DealExtreme? What did you think?



I follow your blog since posted a review of the Dingoo A-320, e gostaria de anunciar ou fazer alguma parceria com o SkooterBlog. Como poderia entrar em contato com você? O site de minha empresa é o http://www.VendaDolar.com.


loved this blog, yes help me buy in fraganciax please send step by step through my email bjs


Comprei o produto “LINK-MI LM-EX30 Cabo Extensor de Rede HDMI 1080p 3D duplo CAT5e /6 with Infrared – Black”, I bought the cables and installed as indicated in the manual. But it did not work. Could you tell me if I'm doing something wrong in the installation? I informed of what had happened and asked me to send the product to the US and I pay for shipping.

John Gabriel

Good morning, vi o seu post do Atari 2600, I make boxes for this type of video game, you would be interested?

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