Highways, Tolls, IPVA… where do vai much money?

Who has traveled the Anhanguera highway in recent weeks has been facing a huge congestion. They decided to fix it with a bridge and traffic is diverted to another runway or is concentrated in only one of the tracks, and thereby formed congestion km, taking hours to get through it. Da última vez que passei por

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Free Network

And what is the true story of the Free Network? The provider 0800 There is more than a week out of the air and no one knows exactly why. Embratel has already said it was default. Outros acham que a Embratel soube de um calote na Telemar e cancelou o negócio Eles diziam que iam pra Intelig, but …

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Courtney Love / Protect CDs from Sony

The tamarins month: Courtney Love wanting to close websites that distributed the new song by Nirvana. Coitadinha, the music has spread… And I hope that happens with all new songs and that this lady did not earn a single cent with it. A avançadíssima e caríssima proteção anti-pirataria da Sony que pode ser quebrada

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The wonderful world of banking TV

Those known commercial banks, where the subject is always happy, home na give, accessing the database over the Internet, by phone, or “in Fernando de Noronha” as a bank buster is making propaganda? Essas coisas só acontecem na TV mesmo 🙂 Liguei no Banco do Brasil essa semana: Question: Gostaria de ter um cartão

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As for Sunday's race, I always comment, but this time I will not be able to do great reviews because it lacked energy for much of the race. Needless to say what I think of Elektro, or accurate? E pra variar o povo brasileiro paga pela incompetência do governo em administrar algo que era do povo

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At Ferraristas…

Hello you, that e “Ferrari”, always hoped that the Italian team, having little cap and the flag, just does not have a car because it is absurdly expensive, ah, and that you have the car too. Congratulations, you are a BUSTER. Yes, yes, to imbecil!!! Principalmente você que chegou ao absurdo de torcer pelo Prost contra

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Things that have filled the bag

Things that have filled the bag: – Rede Globo and Galvão Bueno with the history of 3 R’s (or 4 R’s) – Kelly Key – Casa dos Artists – Big Brother – Modinhas launched by novel “O Clone” – Compilations of Renato Russo – Comercial imbecil by Colgate

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Nick Carter??


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Pato Fu burden Acústico MTV? Acústico SPC?

The Earth Portal today gave a beautiful blunder publishing the following matters: “Pato Fu writes MTV Unplugged in Belo Horizonte” Acoustic?? From where this reporter got the idea? There's nothing in the show that the acoustic Pato Fu recorded for MTV. They should be more careful before passing wrong information. Mas falando em

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Scolari, summon Romario!!

And Scolari did not call Romario. And they say that Brazil will be penta

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