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And Paula, I did not say that CIDA is boring, eu disse que ela é insuportável 🙂 A Thaís é v****, mas é bonitinha e pelo tornava as interrupções globais pra mostrar o que tava acontencendo no Big Brother menos chatas 🙂 Quanto ao seu blog, muito sad trend lately. E tudo tem seu lado

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Vou sleep…

And this last post is to say that I'm going to sleep… yes, I finally go to sleep… And tomorrow I have to work (times). But I earn a few bucks (good). They stole your car (times). Now you will have to walk (good). They stole your bike (times). At least no one will run you over (good). Tudo tem

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Big Brother

And that is another post to say that I can not stand reality show, mainly Big Brother. I can not stand to see TV advertising, I can not stand to hear people talking about it, I can not stand that annoying logo in the corner of the mosaic of Sky. A invasão é tanta que eu sei quase tudo que acontece

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Pato Fu ao vivo

This post is just to say that going out CD and DVD Live Pato Fu. EEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

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My name…

Or Paula, I am updating just so you do not complain about not given much time to write this week, to overworked. As for my name, is a great mystery… (:

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Let a few more strings searched by staff who get here: “Simpsons – Blame It On Lisa”: More people sought by the episode in which the Simpsons comes to Brazil. For those who still do not know, I did subtitles for this episode and the file disponibilizei subtitled in # the Simpsons Brasnet and KaZaA. But …

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Pearl Harbor

I'm finally getting to post. Esser is a beautiful weblogger of crap, Slow as hell and always gives error when loading pages, 're virtually impossible to post. Not to mention that writing has to stay somewhere else and then just paste it here, but is lost in certain text. Além do sistema ser uma porcaria

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I am updating the blog to complain that I did not linger, only NON'll talk to is Paula Ta complaining because then she will claim that all 'post’ tem o nome dela 🙂 Mais strings esquisitas sendo buscadas por pessoas que caíram neste blog: “DivX Simpsons”: “Charlize Theron nua”: aluga o Advogado do Diabo

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Planet of the Apes and Swordfish

E vamos as últimas notícias da semana 😉 FILMES Na quarta-feira resolvi passar pela locadora e pegar dois (a video store that charges only half lease on Wednesdays, but do not call me a hand cow's :P) Planet of Macados: very interesting this' remake’ que na verdade não é um remake porque é bem diferente

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Rede Livre hacked :)

Or Paula… Calm!!! I always update my blog, only demoooooooraaa… And I want to see your blog yes, só que você não passou a URL 🙂 Ah, I would like to express my happiness that the Free Network has been hacked, ahahahahah 😉 Vejam como ficou a página hackeada aqui: http://www2.uol.com.br/info/aberto/infonews/072002/hacker-10072002.html

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