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Pr: adauto

wish to have information about mail merge.

Carolina Simões

Hello, sou Carol Simões, publicist of artists like Arnanldo Antunes, Guilherme Arantes, Aline Barros, Touch no Altar, Leo Jaime, among others.
I wonder if you work with radio and / or provide letters site. If they have any of these forms, I would try some partnership to publish the material of our artists.
I await the return. Thank you for your attention.


Fabricio, tell me something. The pen that you bought at DealExtreme she goes with time? Or is permanent what was written? Send me the answer via email. Thank you

give me your email


I take a question here Fabrício, courtesy.
There is another way to acquire an international card, without asking for my bank, because it requires a certain limit, to offer me, and it will take until I reach.

It is in relation to DX, temptation increases for each day I do my shopping .. hehe

Thank you,to


Would you like to contribute to section “Dealextreme” , Please tell me how to create the post,since I do some shopping there.



Makes the following, open a checking account in bradesco,then ask them a credit card standard national….then do some shopping on it with larger value of 500/800/1000,00 Part somebody just to movementar your card,then after a few months call there and ask to go to international,they pass without asking for anything,just seeing your invoices,Now go straight to open international bank and relies heavily on the manager's.


There in the DX has the option to earn points to inform their website,I cadastrar lá vou,which link them to step?
You have earned these points that they inform?


Now who does not understand I was,Rs.
Let me know how to proceed to pass this link to them,because when a person clicks on the link that they're going to know how that comes from such User?


Ok,let me give an organized here,Vou peas formatar meu pc,so everything is ok,Some do a review on products bought.


sr. fabricio,
I saw on your blog that you shop at the site dealextreme.com
these freights are also free to Brazil?
normally purchase arrives in as many days?
has a limit to buy?
é insurance?

fig no aguardo

Guilherme Andrade

I bought a product worth 48 com U.S. dollars frete hair and was taxed ebay. I wonder if I did not have to pay the amount taxed (R$48) since the exemption rate is up 50 U.S. dollar!?

I thank.

Guilherme Andrade

So I found it strange, everything was right, not imagine that would be taxed. Do you think it's worth asking for a review?

Guilherme Andrade

What made me angry is a product that is within the exemption rate, be taxed. So I'm thinking of asking for a review.

Thanks for the clarification.



I wonder if we were ever purchased products as: cellular, pen drive, not hd etc. DealExtreme. If they arrived without any problems (q without being taxed etc.).


Fernando Ariede

Prezados colleagues, good night!
I am also the interior of Sp (Bauru) and my many orders, after switching to the IRS of Pinhais-PR, began to be taxed.
You know if orders from DealExtreme for the city of São Paulo also pass through the Parana or Sao Paulo are checked in the same?

A big hug and congratulations for the blog!

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