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Problems and Solutions: Tapper and 2600RGB + Framemeister

Tapper (fixed)

I recently cited here in Skooter Blog that I've installed a 2600RGB kit in an Atari 2600. Now I play Atari 2600 with a very sharp image and fantastic colors. I'll still talk about this whole endeavor here in Skooter Blog, there is a series of articles in the oven. But the queue is great, so it's going to take a …

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Ms. Pac-Man / Tapper – Atari 2600

Tapper, do Portal 2600

A two-game cartridge containing Ms. Pac-Man and Tapper, for Atari 2600. This was, if memory serves me, the third cartridge Atari 2600 I possessed in my life, there in mid- 1988. Moreover, is the third cartridge as a whole, for the Atari 2600 was my first console. The …

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