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The Skooter Blog has a number of articles with shopping accounts abroad, with reviews of stores and products. Such ratings reflect only the personal experience of the author of the article in question and are no guarantee that the store or product will meet your expectations.

The Skooter Blog has no connection with the shops and product reviews. The Skooter Blog does not sell any product and does not receive any payment from its users. By using this site, you agree that Skooter Blog can not be held responsible for any problems you may have if you decide to buy in the shops mentioned or quoted products, including non-receipt of goods or receipt of defective products. We also have no power to mediate agreements, we are only customers of these stores. Any problem must be resolved directly with the store in question.

Keep in mind that every purchase over the Internet involves risks, especially those made abroad. Buying on overseas sites you will not be supported by the Consumer Protection Code. The Procon and Brazilian courts probably will not help you in case of problems, because such stores are not established in Brazil and their owners are usually not Brazilian or live in Brazil. The Skooter Blog also can not help you, remember again that we are only customers of these stores, just like you. If you want guarantees, buy in Brazil in its trust store and requires invoice.

Your purchase is also subject to taxation upon entering Brazil, see legislation to know the taxes to your purchase is subject. See the rules before buying any item to make sure it is allowed to import the item you are purchasing. This also applies to items presented here.

The texts published here belong to their owners. Any copy is allowed without permission of the author in question.

If you do not agree to these terms, please quit Skooter Blog immediately and ignore any information you read in the articles here.

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I wanted to register my website but I do not see where to do it, a final qual o propósito do site?

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