Sandisk microSDHC vs. Original. Fake: compare the differences.

Those who follow the blog know that Skooter recently acquired two Sandisk microSDHC cards in AliExpress: at original and another counterfeit. Bought first the spoofed, I complained and was refunded and then bought original.

But the differences between them are very subtle, and I could only identify counterfeiting through tests with specialized software and through the verification code which can be checked on the Sandisk site, as I have shown in previous articles of each (counterfeit and original).

So, in this article I will show only the photos of the two side by side. Note how the differences are small:

In the packaging you notice is that the red ink in the original is a bit more lively, and print quality appears to be slightly better. The texts are all identical.

The verification stamp differs greatly between the fake and the original. Perhaps the counterfeit is copying an older seal model. The original also has a stamp indicating manufacturing in Malaysia, which is absent in the forgery.

The card itself there are differences both in texture and in print. Again the original seems to have a higher print quality, leaving the sharpest. The serial number on the back is also more evident in the original than in forgery.

As can be seen, the differences are small, but there are. However I recommend the ultimate test using the software and the verification code, as shown in previous articles (to counterfeit and the original). Fake has reading problems that appear in the tests and even use on a daily basis.

Previously counterfeit cards had lower capacity than the nominal, but note that this is not the case of forgery that acquired, Tests then verify that only the actual size card fail to point out that it is a forgery.

Share the article if you like. And if you want buy a Sandisk microSDHC Cards Original, the link that got mine is this one.

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The false information in this there was negative feedback on Aliexpress? And the price of the two are similar, or supposed original was more expensive? Perhaps the Chinese can switch, sending a fake and other documents, so recommend the seller does not guarantee.

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