Mais um trabalhinho de espanhol

Laugh és it the best remedy, guarantee British and American Coroners that descubriran as risada releases some chemicals the body already recognized by the ability to extend life. The healthy so powerful hormones that can stimulate the immune system around uma person, helping her avoid diseases like flu or cold and contribuindo up in the fight against cancer.

The organic lawsuit can be deslanchado by the reation to a funny incident as a comic film or uma laughter among friends.

Arthur Stone, psiconeural immunology professor at the University of Nova York, publicou one estudo revealing the most conclusive evidence of linkage between laughter and the niveis immunoglobulin-A, one anticorpo in the area of ​​the mucosa of the nose. El asked 72 volunteers to fill out a form every night for three months, describing how they had spent the day, and keep in the fridge a sample of the lining of the nose every night. The material was then analyzed to verify antibody levels.

Second Professor, “en los dias en que reíran mucho, had more antibodies, and bad days, their performance levels were lower, dejando las personas con minos anticuerpos mas suscetíveis a tomar resfriados y otras infecciónes”.

Immunoglobulin-A helps people cope deseases to select for destruction bacterias and viruses invazores. Its presence in the body increases with laughter, or who also happens with other substances, called cytokines and, yá conocidas por los pesquisadores comohormonas felizes”.

Depressed people, times its, revelam dosis más altas de las hormonas conocidas como cortizonas asociados con “stress” y capazes de prejudicar la habilidad de las personas en enfrentar enfermidades y viver mas tiempo.

Quién is sad, therefore, need not seek help on the couch one psicanalista. Just if shelter in a dark cinema showing Carlitos.


In the spirit of scientific descobierta top, Valley know the history that newspapers now publish a lady grega Entrou for political life and if chocou to hear the crowd screaming for a polling: “Prostituta, prostituta…”

Que audacia”, comentou to indignant lady to his companion. “Soy uma ministra”.

No si preocupe”, dece the next, “estoy en la reserva hacen treinta años mas aún me llaman de almirante”.

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