Brazilian Justice requires that Abbey has in the U.S. that have the same mamata in Brazil

Colombian Juan Carlos Abadia megatraficante, arrested in Brazil a year ago, already in the hands of Justice of the United States, hunting for 14 years.


The first hearing of the Abbey in American justice is scheduled for Monday, in a Court of New York. He will answer for murder, drug trafficking and money laundering. The cartel headed by Abbey is accused of taking more than $ 10 billion in cocaine to the United States.

Abbey will respond to other processes in the US, but the agreement made with Brazil to allow extradition, the penalty applied in the United States shall not be greater than the sentence decided by the brazilian Justice. (emphasis mine)

Source: G1

In other words, Americans who are already accustomed to the greater security afforded by life sentences for crimes that in Brazil the bad guy comes out the next day, will have to be content to release the Abbey after a maximum 30 years.

Worse, if we take literally the phrase in bold, American Justice will have to release the subject for good behavior after serving a third of the sentence, or suddenly even before. Ah, and will also have to make a special scheme in prison so he can talk on the phone and organize kidnappings from inside, Since here in Brazil these things are “allowed”.

What to expect from a justice that instead of following the example of those who do best rather force them to follow our bad example?

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