BC Unidos – Take It Easy: mistura de Bitter Sweet Symphony e Orinoco Flow?

It would be the music Take It Easy from BC Unidos a mixture of Bitter Sweet Symphony from The Verve and Orinoco Flow from Enya?

Enter year and year out, We always have a new version of the game Fifa. And with it a playlist bad music. Yes, the soundtracks of Fifa are always very bad, and the Brazilian music included usually are the worst. Make me miss the “video game music” who played in the football matches of the generations of 8 and 16 bits. Remember them?

But amid all the piggy on playlist in Fifa there are always some of the music you've saved. On Fifa 17, for example, I like the The Nights from Avicii:

On Fifa 18, like Wages from Bad Sounds:

Finally, on the Fifa 19 a song that caught my attention was Take It Easy from BC Unidos:

This song wont play early or range of games, and from the beginning I felt something familiar in it…

And with a few more excerpts played at the beginning of a few more games came to memory the two songs that appear to have been inspiration for her. Or was it a coincidence?

Hear and answer me in the comments. First Bitter Sweet Symphony from The Verve:

And after Orinoco Flow from Enya:

And aí? Are similar or I traveled?

Curiosity: did you know that there is a history of plagiarism behind Bitter Sweet Symphony and credits of music in favor of The Rolling Stones?

The Verve He was accused by some businessmen of The Rolling Stones of plagiarem music The Last Time, released by Stones in 1965. Listening The Last Time apparently there is no similarity between the two:

Indeed, the similarity is with an orchestrated version of The Last Time, produced by Andrew Oldham, at the time producer of the Stones. She appeared on the album The Rolling Stones Songbook – The Andrew Oldham Orchestra, in 1966:

Despite the Verve have obtained authorization to use a sample from The Last Time, When the music made a huge hit Allen Klein, owner of the copyright the songs the Stones prior to 1970) accused the Verve have broken the deal and used a larger portion than awake. Your company, Abkco Records, sued The Verve that didn't have much of a choice and made a deal out of court: It was ceding all rights or view the records withdrawn from the market.

The Stones apparently had no guilt whatsoever in this story. And ironically they own “plagiarized” the music This May be the Last Time from The Staple Singers to compose The Last Time:

It This May be the Last Time also not original of the Staple Singers. It's actually a version in Blues a traditional gospel music, What I believe to be in the public domain.

The BC Unidos should have no problems, once Take It Easy seems to have been inspired by other songs, If it is not a coincidence. But in this world of corporate profiteers copyright anything can happen.

Today it is common that artists can't even rewrite their own songs, because some unscrupulous record company forced an agreement where open hand not only of the rights not only of the phonogram, but the music as a whole.

It is a pity that a mechanism that was created with the intention of protecting artists end up being used to damage them and limit the creative freedom, filling the pockets of producers and lawyers whose creativity is limited to finding ways to usurp and profit from the work of others.

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